The birds are tweeting, the fresh peas are snapping, the grill is sizzling…

Grill Marks

Fire it up, and not just for tried-and-true burgers, chicken, steak and pork barbecue. Vegetables like zucchini and cauliflower, even fruits, taste great when cooked over gas, wood, or coals. Slice and sear veggies for sides, or an exciting twist to appetizers. Fresh bell peppers, mushrooms, onions…so appealing. Treat porto-bellas like steak, and make a succulent sandwich that even meat-lovers can appreciate. Speaking of meats, cook fruits on the rack to accompany them—think BBQ ribs plus pineapple. Or put on some peaches, a real treat with frozen vanilla custard or cheesecake.

Protein Appeal

Spring is a classic time for lamb. You don’t need to go as far as offering a leg or crown roast; why not menu a juicy lamb burger, or even some two-bite “lollipop” chops, made from petite ribs? Savoury stew is another option for this versatile protein—especially when you use new potatoes and spring onions, ingredients that are at their best right now. A lighter, brothier presentation with garlic and vegetables makes it fresh.

Sausage + grilled fennel. Steak + parslied new potatoes. Fish + watercress pesto. Enjoy rummaging through Nature’s pantry for dishes that don’t need much to be tasty and appealing.

Thin Is In

Shave vegetables on a mandoline (or otherwise slice them in ribbons), and they’re ready to eat raw in salads, turn into slaws, or use as a garnish for soups. Asparagus, zucchini, beets—just a few to consider. And summertime pizza with a thin, sesame-seed accented crust, vinegar & oil sauce, dollops of fresh mozz and some of those skinny veggies—it’s the perfect pie for the season. It makes a great shared appetizer, too.

Mmm, Healthy

Even customers who’ve let their New Year’s resolutions slide will be looking for dishes with fewer calories, less sugar and salt, and perhaps no gluten. Research has proven the trend. Be ready to compensate with terrific flavour: fresh herbs, aromatic spices, specialty vinegars and oils. Robust cheeses go a long way toward cutting fat by using only small amounts; examples include Asiago and feta.

spring insertFan the Food

Fill the plate—with a prettier presentation that helps boost the bottom line.

  • Slice and spread out chicken, pork and beef.
  • Cut shrimp almost in half, lengthwise, before cooking; that’s a profitable butterfly.
  • Instead of an 8- or 9-ounce swordfish filet, poach 6-ouncers and cut into medallions.