• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2018

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2018

Are You Instagrammable?


That’s the number of #food hashtags globally on Instagram, rising minute by minute.
*as of November 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

Bam Bam™ Shrimp Taco Salad

Both taco salads and seafood tacos continue to be popular menu items. This colourful, crisp and fresh spin on the usual taco salad combines the best of these.

Bread That’s Worth the Dough

Many operators contend they shouldn't use higher quality bread because of the higher cost and the perceived notion that these breads tend to age more quickly. However, the value and versatility of high quality bread tell a different story. You can add interest to your menu with top quality bread and help keep your customers coming back.

Cauliflower Steaks with Coconut Brown Rice and Quinoa

This whole grain main dish is dairy-free, gluten-friendly and vegan. Add any protein, if desired, keeping it meatless with a handful of chickpeas or serving it with grilled sausage. The coconut brown rice and quinoa can do double duty on menus as a hot side dish for curries and stews, or use it as a unique base for rice bowls.

Crispy Garlic-Miso Glazed Cape Hake with Japanese Cucumber Salad

This is the type of recipe you may expect to see with salmon, yet is exceptional with hake. Its mild flavour really lets the savoury garlic-miso glaze shine through. This dish is perfect for enjoying in summer served alongside this crisp and refreshing cucumber salad. Garnish with sliced green onions, if desired.

Easy as Pie

Meet Kevin Groleau

Global Thirst Quenchers

Beverages aren’t just about thirst quenching anymore; they’re also about health and refreshment. Twists on tried and true drinks and global infusions are increasingly popular. Drinks are also morphing into meal supplements with protein additives, combined with healthy fruits, a trend being fuelled by the growth of fresh pressed juice bars.

Honey Pomegranate Tabbouleh with Quinoa and Ancient Grains

This twist on more traditional tabbouleh switches out bulgur for Quinoa and Ancients Grains Medley, which adds nutty flavour and enticing chewy texture while packing a nutritional wholegrain punch. This is delicious as a side salad or main dish top with roasted, sliced chicken or eggplant and crumbled goat’s cheese.



Gen Z currently makes up 25% of the population of Canada
Source: Technomic Canada, The Canadian GenZ Selfie (2016)

Iron Goat

Meet Michael Hay, the Iron Goat’s general manager and the restaurant/pub’s first chef.

Plate Mates

Time to sidle up to your seconds-in-command

Lift your profits and your menu with creative sides. They’re a great way to freshen menus without too much extra financial outlay, and you can even reduce the cost of proteins by offering smaller portions dressed up with their sidekicks.

Spring Fling

Fall in love with spring colour on your menu through spices, vegetables, global flavours, and spring desserts. Here’s how to wake up your plates as the seasons turn. Celebrate the delight of the warmer months and tempt your guests with brighter and lighter choices.

The Art of Plating


You don’t need a fine art degree to execute beautifully presented plates. Somewhere between Chicago restaurant Alinea’s Da Vinci-esque attention to detail and a cafeteria scoop and slap, there is a style of plating that represents your very own establishment. Plating, like art, is personal and should tell the story of your menu.

The Vegetarians Are Coming... Are You Ready?

A menu lacking vegetarian options alienates up to 33%, or nearly 12 million Canadians, according to a poll commissioned by the Vancouver Humane Society. That’s right. One-third of our population is either vegetarian or eating less meat.

Truckin’ Awesome

Not all restaurant operators choose to stay inside in the comfort of their bricks and mortar buildings. Some decide to take their act on the road and try out a more mobile culinary experience.

Warm Lentil Salad with Seared Shrimp

Topped with tasty, lemon-herbed shrimp, this warm lentil and vegetable salad is a comforting entrée at any time of year. For additional protein and interest, top each serving with crumbled feta cheese, and increase the number of shrimp if desired.