• Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2016-17

Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2016-17

Creative Staging

However you define “casual dining” these days, what it often means is “on trend.” Let’s take a look at some of the strategies and venues that give customers what they want today, from chef-casual to fast-casual to QSR.

Easy Peasy Appetizers

Premade items help you get the apps out fast, and these recipes are super simple!

Fall into Comfort Foods

It’s time for comfort food and indulgent treats, along with healthier fare.

Fast! Easy! True Stories about Brand Points Plus

Since launching the Brand Points PLUS program, we’ve heard plenty of great comments from operators. Let’s hear from two operators about how they like the program—and see what rewards they’ve gotten with their points.

Menu Engineering 101

A proactive approach to your menu can increase profits by 5–15%.” So says Kevin Chipman, Menu Engineering Expert for Pratts Food Service. Kevin has logged more than two decades in the hospitality industry, including 10 years meeting with chefs, managers and owners of independent restaurants, hotels and bars to hone menu and marketing strategies. Here’s plenty of great advice.

Outstanding Take-out

Takeaway and catering are important to most foodservice operators. Want to get started? Wish you could do it better? Let’s look at a few ideas.

Plan for Success

Marketing has its lucky breaks, like if a national celebrity happens to walk into your establishment. Much of the time, though, planning and effort bring the results. Don’t let your Big Marketing
Plan always get pushed aside by the day-to-day.

Save Energy, Boost Profits

Today, many customers care about your environmental footprint. But there’s an even better reason to reduce use of water and energy: It will save you money. How low can you go?

Smoked Appetizers

Employ your smoker, buy pre-smoked items, or use liquid smoke for deep—and trendy—flavour.

Starters with Selling Power

Tasty and good-looking noshes make the best first impressions with customers—and boost profits for operators. Creativity counts here! Ingredients, presentation and naming: It’s all important. Here’s your connexion to the best appetizers in Canada.

Survey Says

If only we could offer a mind-reading service! However, there are many ways to find out what customers are thinking, and more about what they want.